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Brief history about ROTARY POA VIJANA

The Rotary Vijana Poa program has been running for the past 3 years now and we have managed to reach a number of milestones, and also got lessons during this period. I have always been asked what Rotary Vijana Poa is about by so many people and I would like to use this opportunity to throw more light on this again.

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"There are so many opportunities in our communities and we should vigorously engage our youths to identify these opportunities"

Now at Vijana POA

New Youth Intervention Job Fair program

The new intervention we are working on is the Rotary Vijana Poa Job Fair. We want it to be a kind of speed dating between youths looking for employment and companies or organizations which are looking to recruit youths with skills which they need to add to their work force

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Our Mentorship and Guidance Program

Over 50 youths who have made it under my mentorship and guidance the likes of Ibra of Brug photography, Felix of Projectic, Amina of Amina Décor, Winston who provides music for people at functions and so many others.
Mentoring a Rotaractor from Jinja who is doing a coffee business and a young man from Masaka who is making bricks with a new kind of technology that doesn’t require burning of firewood

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Our National Sales Pitch Night Business Profiles

At the recently concluded Rotary Vijana Poa National Sales Pitch Night, the finalists showcased their products to a panel of judges and various investors present. Everyone was a winner on the colorful evening, each and every finalist walked away with either a new business partner, a mentor or a financial boost for their business.

The National Sales Pitch Night will take place every year with regional Sales Pitch Nights taking place and leading to the grand ceremony

African Bags

Bag making from the African Kitenji cloth with rare styles

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