Rotary Vijana Entrepreneurship Training

We Train Entrepreneurs

The inadequate education infrastructure ,biting poverty that exposes young people to risky behaviors like drug abuse ,robbery and prostitution ,poor polices and governance system for youth have largely hampered the potential of youth to rise and soar through their career trajectories.

Therefore the initiative decided to continuously carryout Entrepreneurship trainings with the purpose to grow entrepreneurism and inspire positive youth development through business startups and life skills building.

Through this Entrepreneurship training program ,we have conducted training of trainers of over 200 trainers in all regions of both Uganda and Tanzania ,who have gained employability and entrepreneurship skills that they can easily pass on to youth within their communities thereby helping youth start out their own enterprises hence fighting unemployment in both countries.

The Rotary Vijana Poa secretariat continues to carry out these training were many youth have been trained ,started their own imitative and business that support and empower fellow youth in their communities .Youth can now share the gained skills, experience and have built networks with fellow more so employing them in their business .