Rotary Vijana Poa Internship and apprenticeship

Internship and apprenticeship

Many employers are reluctant to hire someone who has never worked before, therefore with no experience youth will be unreliable and don’t know what to do or how to work.This therefore creates a vicious circle with no way out which is why lots of our graduates end up in completely unemployed or in unrelated field.

Therefore the program decided to partner with some organizations/companies aiming at giving internship and apprenticeship opportunities.

Internships can be a great solution to unemployment problem as they allow students and graduates to get an effective way to gain work experience ,vocational and soft skills which are crucial for finding a job, increase self confidence ,increase in market value ,they also provide networking opportunities ,thus increasing youth empowerment opportunites.

On the other hand the apprenticeship give a varied learning and fantastic experience in the working world since they provide a hands–on training that gives youth a chance to put their skills into practice hence allowing them gain more confidence in a the working environment

The program provides a one week long training that is intended to provide employability and work place skills to youth to help them be effective before they are enrolled at their places of internship and apprenticeships.