Rotary Vijana Poa-job Fair

Rotary Vijana Poa-job Fair

This is annual event where a number of employers, recruiters and job seekers as well as students come together for the purpose of learning about what employers look out for, attitudinal change, applying and interviewing for jobs, establishing professional relationships, and discuss potential jobs and /or internship opportunities .

Defined more precisely it will be an event where offers meets demand, information on labor market opportunities and available work force are exchanged. This is an employment strategy by Rotary Vijana Poa initiative to fast-track the meeting of job seekers and employers

This job fair provides youth with great opportunities to meet company representative and showcase their skills and experience since we invite thousands of individuals especially entrepreneurs, business leaders and company contacts, identify both potential internships plus job openings, and enhance professional communication skills. The job fair target audiences are employers, unemployed and underemployed youth.

School leavers, graduates from different levels of academic background, current students from different institutions. Mature age jobseekers, skilled and semi-skilled laborers.

This annual event is expected to host over 2,500 youth the different walks of life gathered, mentored, inspired by the success stories of different of different business owners within the country as well as sharing success strategies for life and business to ensure that youth are ignited to start their own business ventures to employ other youth hence fighting unemployment.